Pledge a Plate

“It’s just for a free lunch on Monday. Cooked by Neil Perry. Right here on Martin Place,” she said to me, holding out the yellow flyer. 

A moment before, I had started to shake my head and raise my palm to signal a polite “no thanks” – my standard response to all paper handlers on Sydney streets. Initially, I started refusing flyers because it would save paper, but lately it was because I simply lacked the time and inclination. 

“Oh, right. Thanks,” I answered, feeling rather sorry for her and disappointed in myself. 

This Viva project started under the mantra of embracing life, and there I was turning away opportunities without even a second thought. She seemed like a nice lady too. Judging from the thickness of the stack of flyers in her hands, that woman must have been rejected hundreds of times that past lunch hour.

The pledge a plate cause seems like a good one too. 

If only Viva were live already, I would enter that event straightaway. 


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