Beer and pong

We were supposed to catch up for a few beers and a few games of ping pong, but then Allan’s dog became rapidly sick. Everyone, especially his brother Giles, was upset, so we stopped playing altogether and spent the afternoon comforting the dog instead.

Poor Luna had a tick feeding off the side of her mouth for the last few days. It looked like it could have been a mole about the size of a pea, but something seemed unnaturally detached about that lump of brown.

We congratulated ourselves after pulling out the tick, but glee transformed into concern as Luna grew weaker in the hour afterwards. When Luna refused to eat, we called the emergency vet.

It was strange to transgress so quickly from an afternoon that reminded me of my teenage years playing video games at my friend’s home, where his mum also fed us snacks and referred to us as “boys”, to a nursing a sick dog poisoned by a tick.

Poor Luna is reportedly ok, but will have to stay with the vet for the next two days for monitoring.


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