Olympics around the corner

Oh, that’s right… the Olympics are starting soon!

Olivia, one of the girls at work, pointed out on her Instagram feed that one of her friends is flying to Rio for the Rugby 7s game and one of her other friends is flying to Rio for water polo. That is, they will be playing in the games for Australia. They are Olympians, in other words. 

I had completely forgotten the Olympics is a “thing”. All the media coverage in recent weeks has framed this year as the most scandalous and most underwhelming sporting event in the history of sporting events, so instantly forgettable that memories of its existence are forgotten ahead of time. I’m sure the Olympians will remember the event and the glory of competing against the best in the world, but I wonder how the rest of us  will feel. 

Maybe it is because I don’t care for sports, but it feels more fundamental than my personal disinterest this time. It feels like the world isn’t watching Rio this time around. 


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