Little victories

This whole week, between late night phone conferences and even later night emails, I managed to sneak out for one hour on Tuesday night for two beers to celebrate a work thing with some work people.  Just the one!

(*work thing with work people is another way of saying “it’s confidential”)

That is about it on the social front this week – two beers in the familiar Palings Bar (do I even include a link?  It isn’t as if Merivale needs more publicity from a little blog like this).

What an inglorious week it has been, but we have to take our little victories where we can.

It is lucky that I will be flying to Brisbane tomorrow for a hens’ weekend in a faraway place with no internet and no way of working!  (except maybe with enough mobile bandwidth to download the pre-launch final version of the app for testing and maybe write that Viva Ambassadors guide)



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