It was the best laid scheme

This hen’s weekend is meant to be a surprise for Daisy. I was supposed to be one of the organisers, but my contribution was limited to making a few telephone calls to book a chauffeured wine tour which was ultimately abandoned. Thankfully the other bridesmaids (I prefer to be known as a “bridesman” or a “bridesmate”) picked up my slack.

I feel like I haven’t slept for months.

When Viva started, I had the best laid plans to balance work and rest. I expected to devote most of my time to the day job and spare about an hour or so during a week day and most of every weekend to Viva’s development. There were patches of weeks when I did that. Around Christmas last year, for example, Sam and I spent all of our Christmas and new year holiday inputting events data into a spreadsheet. We and our team had gathered more than 12,000 events starting on 1 March (of course, all of those are obsolete now).

For the last few months, the day job has consumed far more than its share, resulting in my spending about a quarter as much time as I would have liked on developing Viva and about a half as much time as I would have liked to sleep.

Last night was a particularly tough night at work.

It’s been about a year since I took a day off. This weekend away probably came at the best time.

I might start this Brisbane trip by visiting some of my old friends at the Bowen Arrow Cafe (maybe I can catch up on some work at the cafe too).


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