Next door at Locos

It turned out that Chris sold Bowen Arrow Cafe to a man named Luke about eight months ago and started a funky bar next door by the name of Locos

Luke told me that it was his first business venture. You could hear there was excitement in his voice once upon a time and maybe a hint of it still, but it seemed he carried a sort of tired tone, as if his excitement from nine months ago has worn thin. I wished him luck. 

Locos was buzzing when I arrived just before lunch. It wasn’t clear to me who all of these customers were. What was in Bowen Hills that led to Locos being so busy? 

“Can you have a beer?” I asked Chris. 

“Ahh, maybe not. Friday lunches are not so good for that.”

“That’s cool. Let me know when you are freed up for five minutes. I’ll just be sitting over there.”

Chris shouted me a beer. He said it had been long enough that he could. 

I bumped into another friend here – Elle – I thought she had moved down to Melbourne permanently. It surprised me that there were so many familiar faces at Bowen Hills. Was Brisbane really that small? Or was this just the effect of living here for four years?  I left her to speak with her friend who looked like she had something serious to discuss. 

Chris brought his crew from the old Stellarossa days to Locos. Stella – that was the bar Chris used to own just downstairs from work in Brisbane CBD. It was our go-to every Friday night. The bar shut down not long after Chris sold it for greener pastures. He had a magic touch when it came to staffing. That made Stellarossa a wonderful bar and it was apparent that Locos benefited from the same. 

It is a pity that I can’t stay for hours to chitchat. Daisy’s hen’s weekend starts in two hours. 


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