Granite Belt Brewery

I thought hard last night whether I want to put up the final snippet of Daisy’s hen’s weekend or spend my evening doing data entry.

Christian sent the “release version” of Viva to me over the weekend, and I found about 10 issues in the version that I wanted fixed.  The launch that had eluded us since 1 March 2016 might genuinely be right around the corner, and we had only 5,000 non-obsolete events in our database.  While 5,000 sounds like a decent number of events, when averaged over a few months, that becomes a scant 200 events a week.  The average thins even more when considering the default search radius of Viva is 10 kilometres and the likely geographic spread of events around Sydney.  This, however, is not a problem that time and money won’t solve.

(That reminded me of Harshan for some reason)

We ended the hen’s weekend over beers and lunch.  The gorgeous women were tired of my antics by the end of the weekend.  At the Granite Belt Brewery, two of them made the point of flipping beautiful birds at my photo – if you peered beyond their smiles.


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