Everyone and his dog (and cat)

Over lunch at Felix, Abbey told me that since moving to New York she had met a lot of Australians and every one (every single one of them) has their own business – some of them several (greedy bastards).

I have known a long time that everyone, and his dogs, and his cats have an app.

Apps are like Chinese takeaway food – there are a few in every neighbourhood and their quality is always questionable.  I have questioned for a while “what makes Viva special?”  Honestly, I cannot answer that with a straight face.  Maybe something, or maybe nothing.  It is exactly like Chinese takeaway food – they all use the same chicken and the same spices, but somehow sometimes somethings just taste better.  If I knew the secret sauce for making good apps, I would be bottling the stuff and giving it to those who make terrible apps.

Abbey told me that she is taking next year off to study at Columbia U.  How freaking cool is that?  That’s not something everyone and his dog would do!

It reminds me of my friend Michael in Brisbane.  He is taking the next three years to study a degree in pure mathematics.  I am jealous of both what he is doing and his steadfast courage!  Maybe that is one of the spices in the secret sauce.

(Picture is of Indiana – the cat that I looked after from July to December last year – rolling on his new owner’s lawn – the fat cat, I’m due to make a home visit at some point)


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