New Instagram account

We started an official Instagram account while having a drink at Left Bank in Melbourne’s Southbank – @vivatakeaspin.  The name “Viva” was taken, so was “yeahviva”, and we could not possibly use our not-so-safe-for-work alternative of “f*ckyeahviva”, so we incorporated one of our slogans into the official account name.

The questions now are what we can or should do with the official Viva Instagram account, what should be our broader social media strategy and what should be our overall marketing strategy.

None of us in the Viva core team have had any marketing education or experience – doctor, lawyer, actuary… but no marketer.  At a time like this, we collectively scratch our heads, and try to solve the problem with harebrained guesses based on anecdotes and the few marketing textbooks we have read – none of them deal with social media very well in any case.

The idea we settled upon (it seems rather obvious to any one other than us) is to ask our Viva Ambassadors to capture positive images that portray our two core ideas – “embrace life” and “take a spin”.

The necessity to write the Ambassadors’ guide just found urgency.

I wonder whether Instagram is the right medium, how necessary it is to have an active social media presence at this early stage, and the benefits and risks of giving control of the brand to the hands of many unfettered authors.  I have always believed in the good will of people and the power of democratised outcomes.  Perhaps I should close my eyes and hope for the best this time too.


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