Replacing restaurants and replacing codes

There were some crash bugs in the “final release” version of Viva delivered last week.

“We can’t have the app crashing when someone tries to access the map.”

“How does it happen?” Christian asked.

“When you click in and out of the map screen about ten times in quick succession. Maybe no one will ever do that, but maybe they will. We have to fix it before launch.”

The dev team should be fixing those codes at the moment, though that is just a guess because I have hesitated checking in so as not to distract them or add any more stress.

Adam, a friend of mine from high school who is now running a marketing business, and I had dinner last night at an Asian tapas restaurant in Kirribilli – Street Market was a sort of weird and wonderful result of what might happen if a Singaporean chef had toured Spain and Japan for a few years. It had sprung up just recently to replace the previous restaurant that had closed.

We spoke a while about all sorts of things, but perhaps the most wonderful of all is that we might be developing a sort of partnership with Viva that could see more event organisers upload their events to Viva.


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