Postcard campaign September 2016

Ruth’s last post about fashion makes me very happy.  I can’t believe we have a fashionista blogging for Viva!  That is, even though most of her words fly right over my head.

I am well known among certain circles for my inability to distinguish between a skirt and a dress.  I prefer to refer to them as “not pants”.

“That’s a nice dress,” I would say.

“It’s a skirt.”

“They’re not pants.”

Fortunately, there are many capable people around who help when I mistake skirts for dresses and mess up other important things – like telling me to print out physical copies of postcards before I ask for the font to shrink another two sizes.

Final comments to the promotional postcards went to Tony Z, our graphics designer, tonight.  These promotional postcards will be hitting mailboxes in Newtown and Enmore in Sydney around mid-September for our first launch campaign.  Drafts of the postcards had been in the works since April, but had been pushed back each time due to technical delays on launching the app.

This time though, with one final push, I think we will be there!


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