Sam is in charge

I landed in New York City last night for my annual pilgrimage through nostalgia.

While I am away, Sam is in charge of Viva.  Fortunately, with modern technology, I can continue to monitor emails and work on the marketing campaign from my AirBNB apartment in West Village.

Sam will continue adding to the database.  Our primary focus is to build up the database to exceed 25,000 events before the iOS version launches on 15 September.  We are about halfway there at the moment, so there will need to be a big push!

I have set myself the goal of adding 500 to 1,000 events to Viva before I hit the town every day.  This might mean I don’t see any of New York at all, but I have convinced myself it is worth it… which is superficially the opposite of the “embrace life” ethos of Viva, but someone has to sacrifice for the greater cause!

Hopefully the initial users of Viva are loving the Android version!

Sam will need to loop in with the development team at some stage to find out the initial feedback and stats on the app usage.


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