Slight delay and marketing update

Christian messaged to let me know that the iOS version will be ready after 13 September, which is about a week and a half later than expected.  Fortunately – if such events can be described as fortunate – we had anticipated and planned for the delay. Our printing run was pushed to after 28 September and the data entry team had focused their efforts on post 1 October events.

The delay gives me some reprieve so that I can relax on the New York holiday without stressing about meeting launch deadlines, but perhaps it disappoints those who are waiting for the iOS launch.

The latest user acquisition numbers for Android are steady… a steady low.  We will have to start our marketing efforts soon.

Sam wants to populate events in Melbourne, while I want to engage in Sydney and flesh out the events in line with our geographic marketing strategy.  I think we are both right, but we unfortunately do not have unlimited hands nor bottomless funding.


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