Saturation point (too much info, creep)

I have been deliberating the last week about how much information to tell the market about what Viva does.  There is a steady progression from “you have my interest” to “you had my interest, and now you have my attention”, and then a steep decline from there to “too much information, I don’t care” and “get away from me, creep”.

The curve for the average person seems to move something along the lines of:

  • Viva can help you find the perfect thing to do for you and your friends – “that sounds cool”; and
  • Viva learns your preferences over time and shows you an individualised list of things to do – “oh, that’s neat”,

Then at some yet undetermined point, it crosses over:

  • We are basically Facebook for events – “get lost, creep!”

Viva is not Facebook, by the way.  We are trying very hard to never be like Facebook.

I sketched a rough drawing on a napkin over brunch.

The right app description seems to be needed for everything, and we are having some trouble striking the right balance in our messaging and branding.



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