Viva’s marketing plan Q4 2016

Quartz released a great little series of articles on what makes a good company:, but we cannot access it any more.  Among them was an article about marketing, but we cannot access it any more.

(a part of me wonders whether there is a paywall to access those articles that we cannot access any more, but there is no obvious link)

From what I can recall of the article, it was about how a Nigerian phone company segregated its target market into tiny little slivers, and understanding each segment and their motivations and desires.

Since I started thinking about Viva’s marketing plan, I had thought that the best marketing strategies consider each individual’s particular motivations and desires, and the more aggregation that occurs, the less effective the marketing becomes.  The flip side is that we do not have the time or resources to tailor a marketing campaign for each individual user, and so we have to aggregate market segments.

We do not know the right answers at Viva HQ, but we are going to experiment a little bit with some ideas to see what works and what doesn’t work in Quarter 4 2016.


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