The beta twin

Christian was sunbeams and daffodils when he emailed yesterday that Viva launched on iOS.

The sunbeams faded and the daffodils wilted soon afterwards.  It was obvious from first trial that the QC on our iOS team were not as strict as the QC on our Android team.  Thunderstorms rolled over the horizon when I told the rest of our team that Viva has notionally launched on iOS, but we would have to suspend the listing until we have resolved these quality issues.

Christian, John and the coding boys were as unhappy as me after I pointed out the number of issues with the product.

We told the coders to suspend the listing this morning and gave them two weeks to put the iOS version into shape.

It was a pained decision.

No one had called me a perfectionist in the early parts of my career.  I never thought that was a label that could ever apply to me.  Yet, in the past two years, a lot of people applied that label to me at various stages.  I started to suspect I was developing a worrisome neurosis, but convinced myself everyone else was wrong and I was still cool.

The design ethos behind Viva is to help people have more fun.  We are not aiming to become a tech unicorn or monopolise the entertainment world.  Our sole purpose is to help people find things to do they would enjoy, so they would leave their homes, be social and embrace all that life can offer.  The portal to all of that is the Viva app.

I was supposed to go to Lena’s welcome back drinks last night, but instead I was at home fielding phone calls and deliberating whether we could or should compromise and allow Viva to exist in the world before the mistakes are fixed.  We decided we have no tolerance for any factor derogating from the user’s experience, that stands between them and their destination.  Yesterday’s iOS launch version was the beta twin to the Android, and it was not ready for the world – yet.


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