Sydney Craft Beer Week 2016

Beer festivals do not happen often enough… except maybe every year around October… but that’s only once a year, and I think they deserve more celebration and more often.

For a drink that “has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization” (those words are taken from Wikipedia, so the reliability is high), beer should be celebrated monthly or bi-monthly at least.  There are tens of food festivals in Sydney every year, but a beer festival is a sort of four leaf clover in the field of weekend festivities.  Maybe with an overly active imagination, every pub with more than five beers on tap is a sort of mini beer festival and every Friday night is a mini Oktoberfest, but pretending Friday night at the local pub is a beer festival is not the same as the Sydney’s Craft Beer Week.

The rumour among my friends who have been to SCBW is that some pubs take SCBW more seriously than others, but the good ones are great.  We have been browsing their events listing the last half hour, and all of them look pretty good.

“Let’s plan an event at the Sydney Craft Beer Week,” I wrote to Allan.  “Doyle can order a sparking water with a drop of yellow food colouring.”

The SCBW kicks off in the end of October, from 21st October to 30th October.


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