Back from travels and bunkering down

Our first publicity campaign ran through Newtown and Enmore this week, and it was not without its hurdles.

There was the last minute scramble to fix the incorrect reference to The Vanguard in the promotional postcards.  Tony called the printers to halt the job, but we were a day too late.  We now have 10,000 “sample cards” at Viva HQ which refer to a venue which no longer exists.  We printed an extra 10,000 cards with the corrected copy last week, all thanks to Tony’s mad scramble.  (Thanks Tony)

There were bigger problems on the technical side.  Christian and the developers were delayed in producing the iOS version of Viva, so much so that we didn’t have a chance to quality check the product before last week.  Disappointingly, the iOS version had quite a few bugs and we had to scramble to release a subpar version today, but at least it is available on the app store now.

This weekend, we will have to increase the size of our data entry team.

Soon, world domination.


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