Dream a little sculpture by the sea

Inside of my head sings the song…

Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seems whisper I love you
Birds singing the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me

Then I start making up my own words… consider yourselves lucky you only have to read my singing voice and not hear it.

I meant to go to the Sculpture by the Sea walk at Bondi last weekend when it began, but time got the better of me once more.  Somehow, everything seemed more “important” than a walk by the ocean looking at artworks.

This exhibit might be the perfect opportunity to catch up with Mylo.  I have been meaning to catch up with him for a few months, and since this exhibit is just by his place in Bronte, he would be hard pressed to make an excuse… and since I haven’t asked Mylo to download Viva yet, this is also the perfect opportunity to convince him and his crew to download Viva before the exhibit closes on 6 November.


Dream a little dream of world domination…



  1. Please link to the Viva app web site within each blog post – maybe with the first Viva mention. Otherwise there are no links from here to your app!


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