Multiple domains branding

My two big achievements this weekend: seeing some old friends and making a few new ones at Daisy and Niall’s wedding; and as of the end of the weekend, Viva owns all of the following domain names:

(they all link to the identical site for the time being)

Each of them serves a specific purpose for a different use, or so I tell anyone who asks.  We have to thank Lisa for the last one – something she considered to be so obvious that it goes without saying, but we are grateful she chose to say it anyway.  Her suggestion may be our new favourite primary promotional website address.

The truth is, however, if simply “” had been available, we wouldn’t have needed to be creative with our domain names choices.  We could have lived with just that one… I lament that cyber squatting has created the situation where meaningful domain names either are wasted or auctioned at unjustifiable prices.

Kendra insists that Facebook marketing is the best way to build initial profile quickly and relatively inexpensively.  I have my aversion to Facebook as a medium because of their disregard for privacy of their users and therefore their disrespect for their users.  I feel uncomfortable supporting a business that feels so immoral.  So we have avoided a Facebook marketing strategy out of principle… and this may be a bad business decision.

We will have to raise this among the team to see if our principles are aligned on the decision.  We may have to bring in Adam for his expert advice on these questions – can the benefits of using Facebook outweigh the stench of moral repugnance?  Are there other effective means of advertising which appeal to our sensibilities?



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