Why is Viva only mobile?

A few people have asked if Viva is available on iPad or can someone access it on PC before they go out… the answer is “no, Viva has not been designed to be accessed on any medium other than smart phones.”

The reasons for this are several, and they centre on the design decision we made in the beginning – Viva is designed to help people discover things to do with their friends in the real world.  The mobile phone is the most immediate connection to the real world that most users will have.  We chose “embrace life” as our first slogan to capture that design ethos.

The mobile phone has come to dominate our developed world.  About 80% of Australians own a smart phone (For millions of Australian consumers, the smartphone has become the most personal, most coveted of relationships across their growing number of digital devices. The smartphone is the one device where there is a 1-to-1 ownership, rather than having to share access with other members of the household), which stands higher than those who own a laptop (77%) or a tablet (59%).  For us, with our limited resources, the smart phone platform stands above the laptop and the tablet for sheer reach from a solely statistical standpoint.  Then there were the more important factors like human behaviours and habit, and how we can design to fit into those habits… but I will go into those design decisions another time.

We should start a FAQ page.


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