Black Sheep and Satellite

I know Will only through social connections and the stated opinions of others, but he has always seemed like one of those brilliant people who has the intelligence to be a polymath.  This quality and his innately social nature make him one of the best candidates for operations manager at Viva – a position I have offered Will, but he has yet to agree.

We met at Satellite this morning for breakfast, though Will ate nothing and drank only water.  Newtown Festival had just started a few blocks away when Will arrived.  I chose Satellite because it was in the Goldilocks zone just far enough from the Newtown Festival to be quiet and just near enough to feel the energy.  There were vines hanging from the ceiling and graffitis on the walls.  The place made me think of the art studio of a vegan.  A sort of rock music was playing over the speakers, but my attention was elsewhere.

One of the first things I handed to Will was a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  I was about to explain the algorithms behind Viva and the loosely formulated plans for turning Viva into the greatest events discovery app to ever exist.

It was a rare moment I felt like a lawyer while taking care of Viva.  When people asked me about Viva, I always told them that Viva is my hobby, but a very serious hobby.  In the same way that a college student played football as a serious hobby, but is sensible enough to study for med school.

There were two others on our communal table.  The waiter whose name I did not ask had said to me that he liked customers who were happy to share.  It was the second time this morning I had been complimented on courtesy.  I tried to remember who taught me to be polite, and thought it must have been my Dad.  I wondered whether I could casually introduce the two gentlemen on the end of our communal table to Viva.

We spoke a while on Viva.

It continued to elude me how an app becomes popular, or how anything becomes popular.  From the best I could gather, popularity is a cocktail of good fortune.  The secret formula seemed to elude Will as well.

I offered Will the job again at the end of our conversation.

We walked to the Black Sheep Newtown after.  We wanted to try our luck handing out the Newtown flyers directly to the commercial premises in Newtown.  Black Sheep seemed like they had woken up at lunch time and day light was a surprise.  Will stopped to take a photo of the chalk drawing of a kraken, and I walked to the back of the bar to take a photo of The Kramer.

The bar manager, a man named Chris, greeted us after we spoke to one of the bartenders about Viva.

“Hi,” I managed to pull the word from the bottom of some mental swamp, “you have a very cool bar.  We have created an app called Viva, and we…”

The words we practised during our coffee that morning completely escaped me, and instead I said something about whether we could have a list of their events so that we can include them on Viva.  I did not mention once the phrase “events discovery app”.  Chris was kind enough to play ball, and agreed to send us a list of their upcoming gigs.

“I don’t think you did badly,” Will said.  “I think it depends on what you call success.”


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