Once more, we advance

Steve wrote to me on 23 October, “Congratulations on the Viva release for both mobile platforms – that’s a real achievement!  And just FYI “buggy but functional” describes every bit of software I’ve ever been involved with; indeed almost every bit of software ever I reckon – done is better than good, and that’s the only way it can get better 🙂” 

He added, *Jovial bro fists flying at you in unseemly quantities*

That felt like months and many versions ago.

Christian and the gang at Webhaus continue to fine tune Viva every week.  It feels like the app improves markedly each time, but each time is still so far from the app that exists in my head.  Recently, the iOS version of Viva has suffered bugs contacting the server, which has baffled all of us since the Android version seemed to have no problems and the AWS server also seemed to have no problems.

We collectively scratched our heads at the issues, but figured it was something we can resolve with more trial and errors.

The time for trial and error is nearly over.  On Saturday 19 November, I will be mentoring contestants at the WWF Designathon, to resolve sustainable development issues and make the world a better place.  So, we set a deadline of Friday 18 November for releasing a version of Viva that will not have any bugs connecting with the server.

I wonder what I will say and do as a mentor.

Once more we must advance, by force of circumstances, to the next version and beyond.


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