Webhaus: From Problem to Solution

How many times have you thought, “I have a great idea that would make life so much easier for people” – but have never followed through? People have great ideas for new technology and apps every day, but what sets apart the ‘doers’ from the ‘dreamers’ is a passion and a serious commitment to making your idea come to life. At WebHaus, we absolutely love talking to passionate business and corporations who want to take their business to new heights through innovation web and mobile applications. It’s our business mission to turn complex problems into simple solutions, just like we did for Horace, one of our most creative and ambitious clients.

From problem to solution

Horace invited us to tell you a little bit of our story and how WebHaus helped turn Viva into reality.

Horace’s innovative app idea was formed over a few beers with mates (as many good ideas are!). Sitting in his living room on a Saturday afternoon, Horace and his friends were disappointed with the lack of things to do in Sydney that night. But as Horace thought, it wasn’t really the lack of opportunities, but more the lack of information about what was happening in such a vibrant city. Horace knew there had to be plenty of incredible things to do that night – he and his friends just didn’t know about it or where to find out. They all decided that there needed to be an app that would help people and those around them find fun things to do in their area, in real time.

The solution – Viva the app 

And that’s how Viva was born. Viva is an original app that helps people discover events anywhere at any time, from hip hop gigs, to football matches, local markets and large concerts. You can also easily create your own events to share with people in the area.

Viva’s vision is to be an app that is the go-to place to discover all the trendy and cool things happening around your city. If you have serious FOMO (fear of missing out), Viva was designed to be your new best friend.

The inception  

As Horace was serious and committed to seeing this app idea through, he engaged WebHaus to build an iOS and Android version of Viva. WebHaus believed there was white space in the entertainment app arena and agreed to work with Horace to solve this previously open-ended problem.

Horace brought Viva to us in a well-developed stage, but to test his idea, we took Viva through our HotHaus and our WorkHaus processes. In the HotHaus, we nurtured and grew a concept until it was fully developed. That’s because before we even consider a prototype, we want to be sure of a positive business outcome for our clients. Then in the WorkHaus, we turn the concept into a digital experience. We use these processes to build whatever is necessary to best bring the idea to life, from web apps to native apps or bespoke software solutions.

Since Viva was already well-developed, the WebHaus developers and Horace collaborated in the WorkHaus stage to build an intuitive UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) to create something that has never been done before. The coding algorithms and the idea behind the app’s architecture was complex and challenging. However, everyone knew that if it could be perfect, it would bring absolute simplicity to the users of Viva.

Today, the Android and iOS version of Viva are currently in commercial beta testing, and the development team is working with Horace to fix any final bugs. Every step of the way, WebHaus and Horace (and now the wider team at Viva) collaborated to find solutions, to ensure that the Viva team’s vision for the app is met.

­Looking to the future

The team at WebHaus (along with the team at Viva) are excited for the app’s continual development. As a multi-skilled development firm, we are constantly improving the app and adding new features and functionality.

If you are serious about building your own mobile application and having a technical partner that is as passionate as you are about your project, we at WebHaus would love to hear from you. Get in touch today!


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