Harbourlife 2016

I should open this post with a warning…I am not a diehard music fan! That’s not to say that I don’t like music, I do! I like all and any music. However, when it comes to festivals I tend to not know who is playing. I never know, really, what genre is being performed. I also never, ever, know who is currently considered ‘cool’. I go to festivals because I like spending time with my mates and having a good time.

So, with that warning to you all in mind. Let me tell you about Harbourlife 2016.

The description of this festival, taken directly from their website is ‘The one party a year with the view people travel 20,000km to see. Harbourlife lays down the best-located dance floor in the country and delivers the perfect music to start summer. Beautiful venue, great soundtrack and the best vibes, this is one event you don’t want to miss.’. It lived up to expectations! The views are amazing, the dance floor (where I kill it, obviously) has what has to be the most iconic in the world.

Let me take you through my day, and why this festival was a great event. #yeahviva!


The early arvo start to the festival means a casual breakfast is a must. I do like food, and having time in the morning to have a good breakfast was the way to go.


No need to go anywhere on an empty stomach. BBQ time! Sun, sand, swim and snags! Time to get ready (have a beer) and plan what acts we were most keen on seeing (I had no idea).

Dance time!

Hitting the festival. We strolled in, down the steps by Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, and were hit by the view. A couple of the group were getting very excited about the upcoming acts (Me looking interested but slightly confused). The acts were good (I assume), the event well organised (from what I saw) and generally everyone was just having a great time.


The best part for me was the view (I may have mentioned it a few times, but it really did make the event!). Whether you were queuing for the bar, rocking shapes on the dance floor, sitting and chilling, the Harbour bridge and the Opera house were in full view.


One suggestion to the organisers, maybe make T-shirts and deodorant compulsory acquisitions (but then I might just be old).


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