“Let’s Viva tonight.”

Tony arrived at the East Village Hotel a little later than Will and I.  He suggested the spot because East Village reopened only recently, and he had barely an hour before dinner.

It had been a few months since I last saw Tony.  The last time was at a cafe before we printed the Viva postcards, and the time before then was at a bar before he traveled to his family’s winery in the country.  We seemed to have made a habit of meeting in the slivers of time sandwiched between others.

We wanted to plan Viva 2.0 and the features we are rolling out in March 2017.  While Viva 1.0 is still going through its beta stage, we have received enough feedback from our 200+ early users to know what Viva must do next – but that is a secret for now.

“Why write a blog post at all if you didn’t plan to tell us, Horace?” sings the voice in my head that represents the collective opinion of all the Viva users.

I want to tell you!  I wish I could!!

Already, Viva is giving users customised results based on their individual preferences, and all without ever asking a single question, what can be better than that?

“Tell us!” the voice choruses again.

Soon!  And lots!!

“I am not sure that works,” Tony said his tagline.  He has an eye for the visual.  “My concern is that they haven’t nailed the graphics in 1.0, so I am trying to balance function, beauty and simplicity for this screen.”

“I get that, can we combine the two functions here?  Horizontal and vertical?  No one else is doing that yet.  Or is that too cluttered?”

Many hours had been spent staring at the ceiling of my apartment visualising impossible arrangements of shapes and condensation of functions, and yet those images on my ceiling changed each time we put the ideas into words.

I hadn’t noticed what Will was doing then.  I was entirely with my imagination again.

“The music here is awesome,” Will said.

“Isn’t it?  I was just thinking the same,” Tony concurred.

I hadn’t noticed there was music at all.  It just seemed like noise blurring our discussion.

“The Smiths?”

Both of them pulled out Shazam and pointed their phones to the speakers – to Shazam the song.

That was what I wanted – for everyone to check Viva when they wondered what they can be doing.


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