Some sort of Rube Goldberg cupboard

We had our first official team meeting this morning.


It has been a little over a month since the launch of both versions of Viva, and we had been running this ship in the scrappiest of manner – a little duct tape here, a bit of glue over there, and hope no gust of wind sweeps through unexpectedly.

It seems that launching a start-up is always scrappy business, but it still surprises me how scrappy.  If someone told me 18 months ago that launching Viva would need all of my weekends and almost an hour every night just to answer emails, I would have laughed and assured them, “Don’t worry, man.  Once I write it all down, the tech guys will understand exactly what I want.  I won’t need to be involved at all.  They can just assemble Viva like a cupboard from IKEA.”

Some Rube Goldberg cupboard this turned out to be!

We met to discuss our marketing strategies for the next 12 months.  Though we only covered the high notes in the two hours we had, it was enough to inject the team with faith that Viva will become the best events app in the world.

Now, while others go out to party tonight, I am going to write our business plan for 2017.


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