The Finders Keepers Markets @ Australian Technology Park, Redfern (10 December 2016)

Driving through Redfern at midday on a Saturday is a great way to waste an hour of your life with a few hundred others stuck in the viscosity of weekend traffic.  Between the strobe-ish indicators, road rage and blatant aggression of Sydney-siders, sitting in traffic also gives you some time to engage in roadside advertising that would otherwise flash by you in a blur. So when my eye caught “The Finders Keepers – This Way” on the side of the road, I thought, “hey, I’m here now, why not?”.

The spontaneity of my decision to check out The Finders Keepers Markets was largely facilitated by Viva.  I had seen the event earlier on Viva after Waffles & Dom posted that they would be attending the event with a stall.  Viva is really good like that (being an events discovery app and all) – correlating what I see in the app with what I see in real life is strangely satisfying.  A friend of mine had also said the night before that she would be behind the Oktoberdee leathergoods stall, so I ventured in.


This event was HUGE.  It was an arts, crafts, design and food fest featuring over 200 stalls.


I had previously attended Handmade Markets in Canberra, which was much smaller in scale.  A close friend’s Mum runs Boho Fox, a women’s vintage-style clothing shop in Mona Vale with some really cool designs (think pin-up girl patterns) and we had helped her out with her Canberra stall a few months ago.  I had developed a bit of a soft spot for these types of markets since, as every stall has a start-up/small business feel (which I empathise with being a part of Viva!) and the quality of the stuff on display is generally very high.

I had an hour or so I just wondered the aisles in the Exhibition Hall.  There was an enormous array of potential Christmas presents on display, from Mulga The Artist‘s bright and colourful psychedelic pieces (favourite of mine) to I Love Lamp Co, featuring the most awesome lamps I have ever seen (concrete base, copper pipe stem and funky Melbourne café bulbs – they had pulled a small crowd as you can see below).


My desperate search for Waffles & Dom (which, alas, I could not locate, and so I could not enjoy further vegan dessert deliciousness) led me to find my old flatmates.  We sat and chatted about what I was doing with my life, as live music floated over the top of our conversation. They eventually finished chowing down on pita pockets from one of the many delicious food stalls, and we said our farewells.


On my way out I stopped at Oktoberdee to check out my friend’s leathergoods.  I saw some old school Elizabethan leather cuffs and anaconda style earrings, along with beautiful wallets and bags.  Nothing for me this time, but I’ll be attending this event in the future and will be more prepared to scoop up the best trinkets I can find!  I’m not sure when the next event is on but – download Viva and maybe you’ll find out when you next take a spin!


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