A surprise birthday party @ O Bar

Recent weeks has dampened the remnant of my social life to a hush in an auditorium, from what I would like to tell people was once a screaming blast on a stadium stage.  I am convinced that my social life used to rock like Mick Jagger in the 60s, and that I was once cool like… someone who was cool.

That is the trouble of working in the corporate world and trying to start an app at the same time.  Even with awesome teams on both sides of the fence, both need a lot of time and attention.

Nicola put it to me this way when I told her I admired how she could handle life with two noisy kids, “You have your baby too.  Viva is your baby, and you get just as little sleep.”

Just as little sleep, and just as little social life.

Choosing what to do with our little spare time was one of the problems we were trying to solve with Viva – not just finding something to do, but finding something that is amazing… like karaoke with only Christmas songs (that is apparently a thing – and a very cool thing).

Ruth emailed about a month ago asking us to help organise the work crew to go to Elliott’s surprise 30th birthday party at O Bar, set above the Sydney sky-scape.  We sent tens of emails – who’s free, who’s going, what time, where, and all that jazz (I say “we”, but I mean Jess did most of the work, and I stole most of the credit).  I thought of spruiking Viva as a better way of organising the party, a single spot for us to post to the public notice board and sort out the details, but I felt self-conscious about push selling to my friends and so we kept to emails instead.  Emails were “fine”.

We made excuses for why we weren’t free to see him, most of us said it was because of work.

“I’m so tired, man,” I told him.  “I think I’ll go straight home and sleep.”

I was so impressed that all of us managed to keep it a secret from Elliott.

Elliott’s reaction to seeing us at the bar was priceless!  It was caught somewhere between delight and laughter, his eyes were wide and it was as if he wasn’t quite sure of what to do with himself.  I hoped he would do a little dance.

I didn’t manage to get a photo with Elliott – I think I was too busy answering messages and emails – but Allan caught a photo of us in front of the whiskey cabinet.

Happy birthday, Elliott, you total champion!


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