Christmas Lights @ Prince Albert St, Mosman (& cnr Rangers Rd and Spofforth St, Cremorne) (22 December 2016)

My old boss used to say “What goes on north of the bridge? Nothing, Will – it’s Kowloon” referencing the mainland region of Hong Kong, which arguably pales in comparison to the bustling, frantic and energised Central.  Sydney’s north side does have a bit of a “we’ve just moved here to raise kids/retire and get away from all the riff raff of the south” vibe, but it’s no Kowloon, especially at Christmas.  There’s awesome venues (and beaches) up the Northern Beaches (Newport Arms, Dee Why Hotel, Manly generally etc.), Chatswood and Warringah Mall are great for all your shopping, epic restaurants are scattered everywhere (Radio Cairo, Three Addictions, Nilgiri’s etc.), awesome harbour walks await you across Cremorne and Neutral Bay (and Spit to Manly), and December on Prince Albert Street in Mosman is glaring proof that the Lower North Shore is lit.


Brightly and spectacularly lit.


So after checking it out with my family, I put an event up on Viva for it, because I believe this is one of the best streets to see Christmas in action in Sydney and makes for a wonderful night out.  I had to share it.  It took less than a minute to put this event together, and the streamlined process allowed me to upload up to 5 photos and put in all the details necessary for friends and other members of the public to find the event.  Here’s a shot of it:


Yes, some of these houses have lasers. FREAKING LASERS. It’s a real “keeping up with the Joneses”, as you walk up and down the lines of huge, sparkling mansions, each trying to outdo the other with a bigger Santa, brighter hedge, or more elaborate laser show. This is “Christmas for keeps”, and Mosmanites have the money to take it way too far (I’m not complaining).

On a less combative note, why not also check out the lights on the corner of Rangers Road and Spofforth Street too?  The Mallikopoulos family at 51 Rangers Road deck their house out in an incredible festive Christmas wonderland display every second year and because it probably has a carbon footprint the size of King Kong, it looks amazing:


The nativity scene is pumping:


UFO Santa is an X-Files episode waiting to happen:


And this is the dude I keep seeing outside my window at night asking me if I want to build a snowman:


A little terrifying.

You can also donate to NSW Cancer Council at one of the coin jars attached to the outer fence, or just marvel at the snow machine (it’s definitely not asbestos in there right?).

Check it all out before midnight on Christmas day, and share the event with followers on Viva!


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