Reaching more users with Facebook video

This is not an instructional guide.

We make Viva’s marketing decisions based on a cocktail of research and intuition, even though Adam and Charlotte would want to see a lot more empirical data before we make these decisions.  For my part, I am excited about our marketing plans for start of 2017.

We put together our business plan a few weeks ago, and in it was a pretty aggressive growth curve.  Everyone in the team thought it was realistic and achievable.  The growth hinges on our content becoming amazing and our tech holding strong.  Supposing those two things work out, our most important strategies for the year rest on marketing.

Adam’s marketing advice over the StartCon weekend was that Viva should leverage influencers and create a Facebook video for our next marketing campaign.  Facebook videos are statistically about 100 times more effective than anything else on that platform.  So, we are working up a few video ideas at the moment.  Andrew Bell of Hello Television is helping us put together the creatives for two campaign ideas we have in the works, they are called:

  • “Take a Spin”
  • “31%”

“31%” is a hilariously self-aware and ironic idea… which you will have to wait to see.  I sent an email to Jayden Rodrigues tonight, who acted in the Transport for NSW ad, to see if he would like to be a part of the “31%” campaign.  I hope that Jayden will want to feature in the Viva video to show off how Viva can help everyone discover Sydney’s night life (and embrace life in general).

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