Ladies Who League

Mary K from Ladies Who League arrived at Hattrick about halfway through my first coffee.  She apologised for being late and, I read in my email later, offered to pay for my coffee.

I was using those spare minutes to sketch design improvements for Viva 3.0, which is scheduled for release in June/July 2017.  I was actually grateful to have the time in a cafe to think through user interface and user experience.  Alex, my management consulting friend, said in early December that his favourite screen was the “map screen”, and this was consistent with a lot of the feedback we received in the two months since launch of Viva.  It was good to finally have some time to start designing how to visually represent the options between “map”, “discovery” and “stories” in a way that is consistent with the Viva branding and functions.

Mary also worked as a lawyer, and founded Ladies Who League to give a voice to women in Australian sports.  Our conversation started with our lamenting the flavours of the “law firm sandwiches”, and led to – what I am very excited to announce – our working together in 2017 to encourage more people to embrace sports and discover sporting events.

Watch this space for more from Ladies Who!


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