Burger Head Opening @ Penrith, Sydney (6 January 2017)

Spontaneously driving to Penrith to get dinner on a Friday night is not standard practice for me, but I’m always up for an adventure (especially when burgers are involved).  Viva enables that spontaneity – events that flash yellow on the app’s wheel are live and happening currently, so you’ll always have a few options for a spur of the moment experience.

On this occasion, I found myself roping up my mate Josh (who had just put food in the microwave when I called him, but for some crazy reason decided to join me) and hitting the M2/M4 to try Burger Head, Penrith’s latest contribution to Sydney’s burgeoning burger scene.  It was their first night, and having opened at 5:00pm, I was impressed to see the restaurant still pulling a crowd when we arrived at 7:30pm.


After waiting some 20 minutes in line, Josh and I were relieved to find we were the last two customers for the day – everyone after us was turned away, and the dreaded sign was put up on the counter:


And while we were able to order a couple of burgers, we didn’t escape unscathed.  “Sorry, we’re out of Roasted White Choc Shakes” is probably one of the worst sentences you could hear after driving an hour west.  But I counted my blessings and was grateful to have scored the last “Clucker” (fried chicken with malt pickled onion) burger of the evening.

And it was super tasty.  Onion in a fried chicken burger is a great idea, but MALT PICKLED onion?  Takes it up a notch.  I also scored some mash and gravy, which was a real treat too.  Penrith’s got good things to come from this place, that’s for sure.


I also took in some of the artwork on the walls, including this tasty looking “Burga Lisa” piece, equal parts beautiful and horrifying.


Having finished up on the burgers, we figured ice cream was a logical next stop, so I set out looking for the most obscure ice cream in Penrith.

We were not disappointed.

Dippin’ Dots ice cream is weird and totally enjoyable in small doses.  Tucked away next to a car park inside a mini golf establishment, you’ll find an ice cream bar selling Dippin’ Dots, which are nonsensically described in branding as the “ice cream of the future” (are they suggesting I’m eating the ice cream of tomorrow today, or that all ice cream in the future will look like this?).


Whatever they meant, they’re pretty tasty, and the little granules sticks to your tongue, giving a distinct sensation of soft liquid nitrogen hundreds and thousands.

Yes, distinct.

I had cookies and cream (“made with real Oreo TM!”) and peanut butter fudge (“made with real Snickers TM!”), but am glad it was only a small tray (it’s strangely filling – or perhaps my stomach was being responsible post burger…).

A spontaneous road trip with a good friend is never a bad idea.  Jump on Viva and organise a same day trip out of your usual geographic limits – you’ll be surprised (and most likely delighted) with what you’ll find.  Just don’t leave it too late or you may find Burger Head will have sold out again…


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