Filming for our first Viva video

With the scheduled launch of Viva 2.0 in late Feb / early March, we have been working with the talented crew at Hello.Television to put together a video for the launch.

We strapped a GoPro to the middle of my forehead (I am the hand model for the video) for filming an hour of our playing beach volleyball.  Vincent drove an hour to help, and Tom took three steps out his front door.  Allan and others also joined for our game.  (thanks everyone!)


Tom was planning to bring some of his male model mates to filming.  I had spent the evening before watching Zoolander to arm myself of all the appropriate zingers.


“I apologise in advance for all the water jokes I will be making.”

Tom replied, “Hahaha. Standard. I’m thinking Top Gun.”

It became apparent very quickly that: (1) we were all terrible players, except for the guy who joined us, also named Tom, who was a NSW State player in 1998 and tried out for the Olympics.  We seem to have the luck to meet incredible people like that, and (2) we needed to film hours of footage to capture six good seconds for the video.  Most of what we had were shaky and important things, like my hands, were out of the frame.  Hopefully, Cath and Andrew at Hello.Television can work their magic to turn these clips into something incredible.

We did film other decent players for a few minutes.  I want Cath and Andrew to splice in some of that footage and replace their faces with ours.  It will be television magic!

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