La Nuit des Idees 2017

Most people I know in Australia are spending today enjoying the Hottest 100 countdown beside a BBQ, a pool or both – growing from a cult event around three decades ago to a cultural event today on the back of good tunes, good snags and good company.

What people in Australia might not know is that today is also the start of the day of “intellectual rave parties” around the world coordinated by the French Institute.  I am a bit of a nerd, and I love these sorts of events!  The Night of Philosophy and Ideas is a festival of debates, concerts and events that tickle your intellectual belly.  The festival is taking on different themes depending on where in the world they are held – Europe is looking at the idea of democracy today, the Middle East is asking questions about the upheaval of civil societies, Asia is thinking about our natural environmental and urbanism…

Sadly, the intellectual rave parties haven’t quite made it to Australia yet (a translated list of events and locations for 2017 is here)… but maybe next year!


Back to reality – I hope you are all loving the Hottest 100 so far!

Wait, but what were those songs?

(I need someone like Will to give live commentary)



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