The Green Mack @ The Green Lion, Rozelle (18 January 2017)

If you have an open mind and do not harbour the intense anger and hatred that a surprising number of omnivores bizarrely possess toward vegan cuisine,  then seriously get on Viva, organise a dinner with some friends and go and try the Green Mack burger at Rozelle’s The Green Lion vegan pub.  Horace comprehensively covered his experience at The Green Lion here, but just so we’re clear what I’m talking about:

Vegan pub.


I can’t believe it’s not Big Mac.


Super tasty cross-section shot.


I was so impressed by this burger.  I didn’t feel gross in that greasy, heavy way that you generally feel after eating most burgers.  I felt elated.  And I was full!  Yes.  Satisfied by a vegan meal.  What have I become?

I don’t actually know how they do it.  The cheese, the patties, the sauce.  It is so reminiscent of a Big Mac – actually much bigger than a Big Mac too (possibly because for $18.00 they can do that).  It’s just all so wondrous and worth every dollar for the experience of having a guilt free “healthy” (…hmmm) burger.  Nothing died or was milked to achieve this deliciousness.  How?  HOW?!

If I can enjoy food as good as this, then maybe, maybe, I could be vegan, or at least vegetarian.  Growing up with a vegetarian mum meant I have spent most of my twenties eating as much meat as I can to compensate for all those years of salad and pasta.  Perhaps now, with this burger, I can put the demons to rest and chill out a little bit on the protein frenzy…

Oh and the rest of the pub is cool too (pretty much what I want my house to look like one day):


Anyway, just a short one.  Go try something new and eat this burger.  It’s awesome.

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