Sir David Attenborough – A Quest for Life


Off to do the most adult thing I’ll do this year’ was the quote of a mate of mine who came with me to see the legend that is Sir David Attenborough talk. Choosing to pay money to go see a man talk about nature documentaries seems strange … I would have paid double!

Being British I like to think that every time I explain to my girlfriend the migratory habits of sharks, and why it really is safe for me to swim in the harbor, that I sound as wise and all-knowing as David Attenborough. Obviously, this is not the case and as a result I never get to swim in the harbor (probably why I am still alive to write this). There is a quiet, confident, tone to his voice that inspires trust. He captures the audience quickly, and never lets us go. He could tell me that sharks are vegetarian and I would believe him (I’m fairly sure my girlfriend would believe him too and I would thus be swimming in the harbor now).

Sir David is 91. 91! He seems as passionate about his topic now as he did when he first started university. He leans into the interviewer with each answer, obviously animated. He has an insatiable curiosity about the natural world and the heart of a teacher. He wants, and through TV is able, to show some of the amazing things he has seen. His first answer is amazing;

Interviewer: So David, did you always want to be a TV presenter?

Sir David: Well. No. . . .You see, we didn’t have TV when I was a kid. In point of fact. We didn’t have TV when I finished University so it was hard for me to want to do something that didn’t exist.

Interviewer: How did you manage to get the BBC to send you on all of these amazing expeditions?

Sir David: I grew up reading about the discoveries of the Victorian explorers and really wanted to go. So, I asked.

That is a powerful message. Follow your passion.

He has, somehow, brought forward into today’s age that spirit of adventure and discovery that we can lose in today’s fast answer world.

The talk was amazing. It was Inspirational. It was informative. It shed light on the fact that you really can live an amazing life following your passions.

My Advice…if the opportunity comes again, GO SEE HIM TALK!


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