Tosca @ the Sydney Opera House

“Not very much happens in three hours,” Mike said.  “You can cover the whole story in about 30 seconds.”

These sorts of abridgment of works of art should not be attempted… at home without adult supervision – so to retell the story of John Bell’s production of Tosca in one breath – Tosca loves Cavaradossi, who is hiding Angelotti from the Nazis, who is led by a captain in love with Tosca, who betrays Cavaradossi’s wish to protect Angelotti, and then everyone dies.

But!  But, I think it is a truth well known that no one goes to the opera for the story, and it is certainly not why you would go to the Sydney Opera House to enjoy Tosca!



I missed Act One because of the traffic in the rain, so I had the pleasure of being the only person in the foyer, sipping on a beer and listening the music through speakers.  Mike and Greg told me later that I had missed one of the best songs in the opera, but the second best was coming up in Act Three.

I am someone who pretends I do not appreciate the opera, while in reality I hold an incomprehensible like for the art and the music.  Unfortunately, I have only been to a handful of shows and so I cannot pretend to write anything insightful about the performance, not like you might find at Limelight Magazine, or Arts Review.

For me, I was gripped by the music even though I had missed the whole introduction and knew nothing of what was happening.  It is worth going to pretend to be cultured – that is why I went – and enjoy the superb music with an audience that probably knows more about opera than you.

Tosca is performing at the Sydney Opera House until 31 March 2017.  Tickets can be bought from the Opera House website.  



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