New monthly update emails

Your observations are true – we have been a bit slack on our blog.

Each of us on the Viva had found different reasons for not writing blog updates – none of the reasons is for a lack of want.  In my case, it was for a lack of time.

I started writing an email this morning to the partners at my law firm giving an update on my life since February.  It started with “I hope you had a prosperous first quarter” and then I was stuck.  It was as if I had lost my ability to find words outside of the sales pitch I had been speaking every day for the last month.  I sent a different email to them after a few rounds of changes.

Sometimes I look at Charlotte and Vincent on the Viva team, and I wonder how it is they can come up with so many words and photos for social media and how they are always so interesting!  Writing for a brand is a different exercise than writing for myself.

Years ago, I read someone say that a good actor is not someone who thinks a character reflects a part of themselves, but realise that the character is as full and as colourful as any real person – this is a less eloquent rephrasing of the original quote.  I feel like telling a brand story is a lot like this exercise of acting and character portrayal.  Viva is not a part of any of us, but it has its own voice and personality.

Adam, our marketing consultant, has suggested that I should write an update email once a month to all the Viva users to keep them updated on our happenings.  I find myself revisiting the questions about who is Viva, and thinking about the writing as if I were portraying a character in a play:

1. Who am I?

2. Where am I?

3. When is it?

4. Where have I just come from?

5. What do I want?

6. Why do I want it?

7. Why do I want it now?

8. What will happen if I don’t get it now?

9. How will I get what I want by doing what?

10. What must I overcome?

Please keep your eyes on your inbox, and you may receive our very first monthly update email soon!


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