We are all winners

Our launch sticker campaign closed on 1 April, and winners were announced this afternoon!  Congrats to the winners of the $100 bar tabs! 


More information about the winners is on www.fuckyeahviva.com.

That was all I wanted to write!  The rest of this blog post is just my meandering thoughts about this marketing campaign.

There was a leftover stack of about 500 stickers in our office, which we will be using to assert baseless ownership claims over property.  Tom’s girlfriend foretold that we would be doing extraordinarily well to give away 2,000 stickers to the universities, even with promise of bar tabs to the winners.

I was surprised she turned out to be right.  The most surprising thing was the average reaction of university students – one of disregard rather than curiosity.

“Back in our day,” we reminisced on day one of the campaign, “we would do anything for a bar tab!”

It was during these first encounters with today’s university students that I realised how difficult it was to engage with the hearts and minds of people – attention was not freely given, and engagement was even pricier commodity.  The recurring meme that filled my headspace was the Spongebob image, “Guess what?  Nobody cares.”

Someone told me once upon a time that the younger generations are marked by the internalised question of “what’s in it for me?”  Having started dabbling in this field in recent months, I actually think the better way to represent the attitude is to say that all generations in this era is marked by the mood of “fatigue”.  Their reactions are symptoms of the mood – despite all the marketing materials claiming otherwise, I think that the fundamental psychology of people has not changed, but the way we deal with the world is affected by the overriding mood.  Millennials are not “lazy”, “selfish” or “spoiled”, but they are tired of being blasted with excess information and pulled by a multitude of demands and expectations.

People still care if we can give them enough reason to care.  It is just that bar tabs are no longer reason enough.

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