Less time, more fun

As we move into full throttled marketing mode (not yet, but soon), we find ourselves having less and less time, and particularly less time to write blog posts.

Vincent and Charlotte think that my brand of reflective blog posts about the inner-workings of Viva should sit on their own, away from Facebook and Instagram, and smack bang in the middle of LinkedIn – the only place where people don’t make scrunchy faces at business blogs.

When I left the law firm two months ago, I thought that I could do everything Viva needed doing and have spare time to do one fun thing a day – art gallery, concert, sporting game, or just a pub or two.  That was what I thought I could do if I weren’t working 12 hours a day and ran Viva as a “serious side hobby”… but things had not turned out that way at all!  Whatever time I had to spare was spent doing Viva-related business activities!

What I hadn’t expected was how much fun those business activities turned out to be!  (this is why Vincent and Charlotte think I should channel all my blogging energy into LinkedIn, and leave the fun blogging stuff to them)

Last week, Tom and I went to the University of Sydney’s Start Up Careers Fair.  I would not have thought that it would be so much fun to chat to university kids about Viva and what we plan to do.

It might seem like a strange thing for Viva to attend, given we only launched Viva 2.0 last week, but I thought it made perfect sense to start looking for the future geniuses to work with us in a year’s time.

We plan HUGE things for our future!

(there are, of course, a lot of hurdles we have to leap on our way to the future, but we plan to overcome them and have heaps of fun doing it)


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