It always takes longer than you planned

You might be wondering – what happened to Horace? He is usually so… umm… wordy. He says so many bigly things (or was that “big league” things), but recently, we have hardly heard a peep on the blog. Has he fallen and he can’t get up? Is he buried under a pile of decade-old newspaper and sustaining himself only on pickled vegetables? Has he finally managed to reach his mobile phone with his one free hand, and this is what he sent as his ineffective SOS?

Thank you for caring! Don’t worry, I am safe and well. The whole VIVA team is safe and well.

It has been about six weeks since the product launch of the first consumer facing version of VIVA. We have been identifying and ironing out all the bugs (and there were a few). There have been a lot of activity under the surface, though I am hard pressed to list exactly what.

This is one indispensible lesson I have learnt from running a tech start-up, one that Brent Shepherd told me years ago – it always takes longer than you planned. Even when you include an X% buffer to your plans, it will take longer than that.

I have come up with a rule of thumb for timing expectations in a start-up – however many days you expect the task to take, double it and minus one day

(But wait, what about a zero value for expectation? Won’t that mean you would have finished that task yesterday? Is that not some sort of existential paradox? And once you have a new expectation, don’t you need to apply the rule again? Doesn’t that go on ad infinitum?)

Loooook at that photo of our impressive business timeline on our wall!!!! 


After an intense strategy day over the weekend, we have pinned up a lot of post-its on my walls, and, importantly, decided to push our marketing launch campaign to start on 1 July.

We have another six weeks to gather as much amazing content as possible ahead of our 1 July marketing launch date… our content team is busy combing and picking through everything we can find.


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