The Greenhouse talks

Secretly (but only when you consider how much I could be talking about this), I spend a lot of my spare time at left-leaning greenie events.  Maybe my parents brought me up alright, taught me it is important to care about other people, give back to the world, and not be a d*ck.  So, secretly, I would make time to attend events like the one organised by The Greenhouse last night.

Except that Charlotte independently found this event.

“Oh hai…” I was pretty sure my face revealed none of my mix of delight and unpreparedness from seeing Charlotte.

The Greenhouse is a monthly talk event that explores progressive, sustainable and ecologically intelligent solutions to really hard problems (that’s their tagline).  They started their 2017 series last night discussing megatrends in this field to a packed room – covering topics like where are we going with clean energy, what about waste, what about the role of technology, and how do we become involved in all of these world-shifting changes.

I was clad in full nerd mode.   Sometimes I caught myself nodding to the speakers subconsciously, and then promptly stopped myself from displaying my thoughts too overtly.  I used to believe I had a really good poker face, and that’s was why I won poker sometimes… turned out that I was actually just decent at maths, so I could win the occasional hand.

Charlotte probably read my unpreparedness like it was written in ink on my nose.

I think both her and I found it incredible to hear from the panelists, and then mingle a lot of others who also care about the world and are not d*cks.

There are five more talks and a hackathon weekend in this season.  You can nerd out with me and other like-minded greenies at The Greenhouse every month – buy your tickets here.


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