About this blog

Some of you might be asking, “What happened to VIVA’s favourite events for the week?”  Or maybe you are asking, “Why have you been so quiet on your blog?

Let me first put your mind at ease – we are going really well!  We just had no idea how busy we would be!

We have been scrambling our forces for our 1 July consumer-side launch.  The deadline has pushed blogging to nearly the bottom of our priority list, right after spending more time deciding what we want our blog to do.

We started this blog about a year ago wanting to do so many things – promoting really cool venues, sharing stories from past events that we thought were amazing, sharing upcoming events with everyone, telling quirky little tales from our everyday, sharing insights into how best to promote events… right now, what we need to figure out the right places for each of those things.

My view, without having consulted with the others on the team, is that this blog should be for telling VIVA’s story and sharing insights into events marketing.  Promoting cool venues can be done more effectively on Facebook and Instagram, sharing upcoming events should be on VIVA (that’s why we built it), and sharing our stories from past events could be on any of those mediums.

If we forget brand and company messaging for the moment, I would like this blog to become a journal to tell our story – for all of us in the VIVA team and all of the people who might want to read about what we are trying to achieve.  Maybe this blog should become a “dear diary”, but a little less sentimental.  But, of course, we cannot forget brand and company messaging… which is why we also have to think about whether we write technical content on effective events marketing.

Meanwhile, we have to keep scrambling to make sure we have a good consumer-side launch before we deliberate what to do next.


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