Changing how people sign up to VIVA

The VIVA team has been discussing for a week how to make VIVA's sign-up process better. We learnt from our first week of public marketing that VIVA faces a challenge arising out of two connected problems.  The first problem is that everyone is becoming more protective of personal information online.  An unknown company like VIVA stand [...]


Update: new iOS version incoming

First - the important stuff - I am astounded by the images that come up on Google when you search for "hurray computer". Now - the really important stuff: Update on the crash bug Our new in-house developer Syed fixed the iOS crash bug at 2am last night. A new version of VIVA for iOS [...]

Crash issues: 10 July 2017

Hi all A public service announcement We became aware of a crash issue that is affecting about 20% of iOS users and about 5% of Android users over the weekend.  Some people are finding their apps are crashing on sign-up or freezing when it is downloading events. We are working on that, and we hope [...]