Changing how people sign up to VIVA

The VIVA team has been discussing for a week how to make VIVA’s sign-up process better.

We learnt from our first week of public marketing that VIVA faces a challenge arising out of two connected problems.  The first problem is that everyone is becoming more protective of personal information online.  An unknown company like VIVA stand a slim chance of people willingly giving their information to us.  The second problem is that most people don’t care to read a lengthy explanation of why we need information like email, home town and birth year.

In this era of heightened cyber security concerns, the current sign-up experience on VIVA is like asking new users to either take a leap of faith or simply don’t care – neither is an acceptable position.

So, we have found a possible solution to this UX problem.

I will break this story down into its each element – not because I think it makes the story more coherent, but because then it is easily to track through why each decision was made.

VIVA’s current sign-up experience

Why create an account at all?

In order for VIVA’s recommendation algorithms to work, we necessarily need people to create an account, and that necessarily required an email address.

We debated the sign-up process in the very beginning.  I remember distinctly a conversation I had with Nick from Webhaus in July 2015.  I wanted to let users sign into VIVA as a guest, which would give them access to most of the information, but without the benefit of any personalisation.  Nick suggested the guest option should be eliminated because people would not create an account if they can already access all the functions.  I disagreed with the suggestion – but we ultimately required signing-up as a gateway to using VIVA because the recommendation algorithms only worked if a user has an account.

Why ask for all the information?

I wanted to ask for minimal information from users – one, because I did not want VIVA to be intrusive, and two, because people lie!  So, we settled on asking for only:

  • name – so people can find you and follow you on VIVA
  • email – so we have a unique identification for the account
  • date of birth – so we can figure out your demographic group
  • gender – so we can figure out your demographic group
  • home town – so we know where to show you events

The challenge of trust

Even though we only asked for little bits of information, a lot of people still did not want to share that information with us.

Looking at the number of downloads versus the number of sign-ups in the last two weeks, it seemed the problem was people did not know VIVA and did not trust VIVA.

The new sign-up experience

So we are going to change up the sign-up experience.

We are going to give people access to everything that we can possibly give without the personalisation algorithms, and then only ask for users to sign up if they want events to be personalised for them, or if they want to use other features in the app.

Watch this space for more developments in the next month or so!


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