What does success look like to you?

On Sunday night, Kat and I caught up for Korean food and beers in the back alleys of Pitt Street.  The last time we caught up was about six months ago – just before I left corporate law.  Life has changed a lot since then.  The most notable of the changes has been the rapid narrowing of my conversation topics to only ever talk about VIVA.  It seems like VIVA is the only interest I have.

Often I catch my haunting paranoia – am I boring people?  Surely no one else cares about the app the way I care about it.  If I only talk about one thing and no one cares, then I must be boring.  Oh dear God, talk about something else quick… but I can’t think of anything.  Deflect!  Ask about them.

Kat was forgiving.

She asked a question no one has ever asked me before – what does success look like? 

She didn’t ask “what is success to you” or “how do you define success” – those are questions I have heard before, and so easily quantifiable and therefore sterile – but instead asked about the visual results of success.  It took me a minute (or maybe a bit shorter so there wasn’t an awkward pause).

“I think it is a success when I see someone using VIVA, and finding something they would love to do.”
“Can it be anyone?”
“Hmm… a stranger, someone who is using VIVA because it is good, and not because they like me.”

So that is what success looks like, I think.


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