Another happy user

She wrote to me, ​"I went to the Sunday market right after I finish work. Now having the most deliscious duck pie I have ever eaten 😬" I received that message from my friend this afternoon.  She had used Viva to find a local market (Frankston Sunday Market) and found "the most deliscious duck pie". [...]


Updating the Database

So it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been trying to work on VIVA before work, after work and any spare moment in between. Currently, I have been working on data entry for Sydney. We now have events input for the upcoming Good Food Month and Sydney Craft Beer Week – hopefully this [...]

The Waffle Place

Monday night is my weekly catch up (with a friend) to our favourite waffle place, Piatella. Wherever we eat, we always make room for waffles - the sweet soft magical dessert that always seem to satisfy my heart. Tonight we decided to eat their main meals (as well as their waffles). My friend had the [...]

1st Place

What you see above you is 1st Prize for our weekly Thursday trivia at The Deck Bar. We, the Trivial Trevors, finally won, having beaten out our nearest rivals this week, Agatha Quiztie and Quizlamic State. We won with a Deck Record 56 correct answers! The prize (pictured above) will go towards more drinks and [...]


A friend wanted to catch up after work. It was spontaneous and very last minute but we decided to head out to a random location and find any fancy restaurant to catch up on life and eat good food. We ended up at Spoon, a lovely little restaurant in Mt Eliza, Victoria. My friend and [...]

The Trivial Trevors

After a long day of work, a few friends and I headed to The Deck Bar for Thursday Night Trivia. Trivia has become quite a popular thing in the last few years. We were not regulars to this trivia battleground but our team, 'The Trivial Trevors', fancied our chances. The host didn't think we'd fare too well and predicted [...]

Where we are with the content

It's been a long few months of putting events into a database, but I love this app. We talk about some big things in the team - finding fun things to do wherever you are.  Going global.  Just trying to think about helping people explore new and fun things to do in a random part of the [...]