The Green Mack @ The Green Lion, Rozelle (18 January 2017)

If you have an open mind and do not harbour the intense anger and hatred that a surprising number of omnivores bizarrely possess toward vegan cuisine,  then seriously get on Viva, organise a dinner with some friends and go and try the Green Mack burger at Rozelle's The Green Lion vegan pub.  Horace comprehensively covered his experience at The [...]


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ ICC Sydney Theatre, Darling Harbour (20 January 2017)

My first gig at the new ICC Sydney Theatre was not what I expected it to be.  An 8,000 seat capacity venue for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds struck me as excessive at first, but then on realising this band is BEYOND LEGENDARY live, I realised I should not have been surprised that the place would pack out. [...]

Movies By The Boulevard @ Cathy Freeman Park, Sydney Olympic Park (13 January 2017)

Confession.  I once hid in the toilets of Chatswood's Hoyts cinema after seeing Blade: Trinity to catch a second film, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, for free.  I recall the thrill and guilt as a 14 year old boy with terrible taste in movies sitting in that cubicle,  beyond mortified that I would get caught sneaking into a film [...]

Bingefest – Part 1 @ The Opera House, Sydney (17 December 2016)

Bingefest is probably one of the biggest risks the Sydney Opera House has ever taken.  A festival predicated on television, podcasts, snacks, video games and the dredges of internet humour doesn't necessarily align with the brand of Australia's most distinctive, cultural icon, home to the likes of Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney [...]